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    Organic, Biodynamic & Natural Wines @ Overtoom (vol) 12.04.2019

    Datum 12.04.2019
    Tijd 20:00
    Prijs 45,00 €
    Maximaal aantal deelnemers 20
    Locatie Overtoom 444-446, Amsterdam

    There’s a lot of hype surrounding the ‘natural wine’ movement that has taken root around the globe, but it has also given the wine world a welcome shot of youthful vibrancy and newfound focus on healthy soils and grapes. Now that more and more restaurants and bars are loading up scruffy shelves with ‘vin naturels’, it’s increasingly important as a customer to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff. That’s why on Friday April 12th, Chabrol Overtoom’s Tareq Hyder will open up a bunch of his minimal-intervention favorites to show you what’s what. We will take a close look at the spectrum of organic > biodynamic > natural wine, touch upon a number agricultural and winemaking basics and history and share pointers on food pairing and navigating modern wine lists. But most of all, of course, we’ll be tasting some delicious wines! 

    After the tasting participants get a 10% discount on all of the tasted wines.