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    Tasting Red, White and Blue 19.01.2017

    Datum 19.01.2017
    Tijd 18:30
    Prijs 15,00 €
    Maximaal aantal deelnemers 21
    Locatie Haarlemmerstraat 7, Amsterdam

    Red, White and Blue

    January 19th, days before inauguration day, come taste the Jewels of American wines.

    Julee Resendez will be showcasing wines from Napa Valley, Willamette Valley, and Walla Walla. Prized wine regions within the United States. Julee grew up in wine country near Walla Walla, her grandparents were viticulturists in Eastern Washington. She spent years traveling to these regions studying and pioneering their wines and is thrilled to bring them to Europe.